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Kawartha Meats is a NEW local processor of premium quality meats such as lamb, veal, beef, goat and pork. Halal products are also available. We have our retail store open to the public, always stocked with the freshest and finest meats. We offer custom cutting to satisfy our customers. You can find our products in grocery stores, local butcher shops and even restaurants in and around the GTA. We strive to provide the highest quality of local products at incredible prices. 



since 2019​

Processing Plant
Our Partners

Our Processing Plant is located in Little Britain, Ontario. We are fully licensed, and practice hygienic and humane slaughtering. Food safety and sanitation of our plant is our top priority. We are able to provide our customers with fresh, local products.

Sarafino is a small importing and distribution company that deals only in natural and uncompromised artisanal products which are true to their origins. A great deal of our time is spent meeting and educating our clients about where our products come from and how they are produced. Much of these labours are devoted to our internationally renowned Virgin and Extra Virgin Olive Oils and our new Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These products are created on our own family’s estate.

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